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How to Select Carpet

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Redecorate Your Home on the Computer

You Can Decorate with the Stars

Are Your Cleaning Products Making Your Family Ill?


Pop Quiz

True or False:

1. Color is the most important factor when choosing a carpet.
True False

2. The most popular pad used in homes today is the re-bonded pad.
True False

3. Vinyl pads are a good idea in homes with pets.
True False

4. Wool is an inexpensive and natural choice for your home.
True False

5. Padding can insulate a room from heat loss and dampen noise.
True False

6. Low-grade padding can shift and be inconsistent.
True False

7. Carpet always comes from one mill and is easily replaced down the line.
True False

8. Static charges are one downside to installing carpet in your home.
True False

9. A performance rating of 4 is extremely good.
True False

10. The best bet for proper measurements is to let the professionals do it before installation.
True False

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