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Build a Safe Home Playground

Fences Make Good Neighbors

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Green Grass the Professional Way

Mailbox Beautification: Landscaping to the Letter

How to Live with Wildlife

Termite Proof Landscaping

Ornamental Trees are Year-Round Performers

No More Deer

The Arrival of Jack Frost

Parameters of Proper Pruning



Here's a handy checklist to post by the door to help avoid trouble with wild animals:

1. Secure all trash cans

2. Keep things tidy (avoid piling up wood or rocks)

3. Clean the barbeque grill

4. Firmly close all doors and unscreened windows

5. Bring in the family pet at night

6. Feed your pet indoors

7. Maintain proper outdoor lighting; replace light bulbs promptly

8. Keep the important local numbers handy (Police, medical, wildlife control authorities)

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