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Build a Safe Home Playground

Fences Make Good Neighbors

All About Arbors and Trellises

Deck Design

Green Grass the Professional Way

Mailbox Beautification: Landscaping to the Letter

How to Live with Wildlife

Termite Proof Landscaping

Ornamental Trees are Year-Round Performers

No More Deer

The Arrival of Jack Frost

Parameters of Proper Pruning


Pop Quiz

True or False:

1. Only humans can become infected with Lyme Disease.
True False

2. Snakes only thrive in warmer climates.
True False

3. Raccoons only come out at night.
True False

4. A coyote may breed with your pet German shepherd.
True False

5. An unprovoked skunk will spray you.
True False

Multiple Choice:

6. The best time to evict a raccoon family from your chimney is:

a. Sunrise
b. Sunset
c. High Noon
d. Only during a full moon

7. If you find a baby fawn, you should:

a. Immediately take it to the police
b. Bring it home
c. Leave it alone
d. Check it for deer ticks

8. The best way to avoid contact with a bear is to:

a. Securely close your garbage
b. Thoroughly clean the barbeque grill
c. Bring in the bird feeder
d. All of the above

9. In the winter, which animal poses the biggest threat to your dog?

a. Deer
b. Birds
c. Coyotes
d. Snakes

10. Snakes are least comfortable in:

a. Wetlands
b. Grassy fields
c. Forests
d. Your home

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