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How to Make Your Home Healthy and Safe

Build a Safe Home Playground

Make Your Home a Safe Haven for Kids

Avoid Grill Fires, Explosions and CO Poisoning

Dont Let a Burglar Ruin Your Vacation

Is Your Tap Water Safe?

Are Your Cleaning Products Making Your Family Ill?

Localities Crack Down on Homeowners Alarm Calls

Radon Sends Ripples through Water Systems

Are you a Hazardous Waste Case?


Top Ten Tips For Safer House Cleaning

  1. Ventilate, ventilate, ventilate your work area when using strong cleaning products.

  2. Keep kids away from the work area and from contact with cleaning products.

  3. Read the manufacturer's label for warnings and directions before using products.

  4. Don't ever mix ammonia and bleach, nor any other strong cleaners together.

  5. Remember that the labels of strong commercial products may not list all hazardous chemical ingredients.

  6. Call the manufacturer for a Material Safety Data Sheet to find information about product ingredients and safety issues.

  7. Reseal opened chemical products tightly.

  8. Remember that soap and water usually do the job, and antibacterial products are not usually necessary in the home.

  9. Vinegar has many gentle but effective cleaning properties.

  10. Save money by making your own cleaning products

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