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How to Make Your Home Healthy and Safe

Build a Safe Home Playground

Make Your Home a Safe Haven for Kids

Avoid Grill Fires, Explosions and CO Poisoning

Dont Let a Burglar Ruin Your Vacation

Is Your Tap Water Safe?

Are Your Cleaning Products Making Your Family Ill?

Localities Crack Down on Homeowners Alarm Calls

Radon Sends Ripples through Water Systems

Are you a Hazardous Waste Case?


Pop Quiz

True or False:

1. You can mix together any strong household cleaning products.
True False

2. All cleaning jobs in the home require the use of the new 'antibacterial' cleaners.
True False

3. Nontoxic and natural cleaning products are ineffective.
True False

4. Good ventilation while using commercial cleaning products is essential.
True False

5. Recipes for homemade cleaning products require difficult-to-find and expensive ingredients.
True False

6. Lemon juice, vinegar, and baking soda have natural cleaning properties.
True False

7. Never mix ammonia and household bleach.
True False

8. Always reseal household cleaning products to as close an air-tight state as possible.
True False

9. Children are especially vulnerable to the effects of strong household chemicals.
True False

10. Consumers can ask manufacturers of chemical household products to provide a copy of the MSDS.
True False

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