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Step 1 - Planning

Step 2 - Financing

Step 3 - Selecting

Step 4 - Buying

Step 5 - Owning


Think & Do Reminders

Pros & Cons of Homeownership

Consider the Pros & Cons below to honestly assess their impact & value in your life RIGHT NOW.


Tax Breaks!
Possible tax savings of $9,000 in taxes on a $120,000 home
Equity Is Savings
Your Mortgage is an automatic savings plan
Loving Appreciation
Property values usually trend upward


The Long & Winding Road
It’s a long-term investment
Itchy Feet Sufferers Should Wait
Can you commit to 5 years minimum?
Falling Market Gamble
Investments have risks. Understand them.
Be certain you’re stable enough to buy in the first place.