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Step #1: Planning

Are You Ready to Plan?

Welcome to the first step of First Real Home....Here you are going to learn how to plan your course of action. You will start to learn about becoming a homeowner, from the very beginning.

What to Expect...

This is what you will learn in the next 20 minutes:

This Step #1: Planning section enables would-be buyers to have a realistic set of expectations and a plan of action.

Here's an outline of what's in store for you in this section:

Owning is Not All Bliss
Other Benefits
Tradeoffs of Ownership
Look at Yourself!
Working the Numbers
Low Numbers
See Yourself as a Lender Will
The Bottom Line About Lenders?
Mapping the Numbers
Not Perfect? Don't Panic

Let's Get Started...

Effective planning lays the essential groundwork for a successful home purchase.

The next click will have you headed toward the answer to your biggest question: Can I really buy a new home? Am I ready?

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