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Step 1 - Planning

Step 2 - Financing

Step 3 - Selecting

Step 4 - Buying

Step 5 - Owning


Look at Yourself!

Are you ready for some self assessment?

Am I Financially Ready To Own?

This has got to be a top question in your mind.

After you've taken the time to methodically consider each of the fundamental pros and cons of homeownership and have come to the conclusion that YOUR particular Pros outweigh all of the potential Cons, now you're ready to take the next step toward the threshold of home ownership.

That next step is a self-assessment of your financial strength, which will show you in black and white if you're actually as ready as you hope you are. It will simultaneously help you discover the proper price range of homes you can afford. Actually, we'll work our way into the answer to both questions in reverse sequence.

Calculating a Monthly Mortgage Payment

Can you afford to buy?

You believe that you're fully capable of making a mortgage payment each month, right?

Since you know that it's pretty much like making a rent payment, with a few additional considerations thrown in.

OK, then. Let's do a sample calculation. Get a sheet of paper, a calculator, and a pencil. This will only take a few minutes. People who think numbers are about as warm and cuddly as grizzly bears will find this exercise surprisingly pleasant. Once you see how quickly you learn to use these tools, you'll be able to tame the REAL numbers in your own market area with the greatest of ease.

Go Get Your Pencil

The next step will require some figuring!

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