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Mapping the Numbers

Take a moment to fill in the following Home Mortgage Qualifying Chart.

Review the Home Mortgage Qualifying Chart

Fill in the numbers and then we'll have something to really see.

Home Mortgage Qualifying Chart

  • Single borrower’s gross annual salary
  • Total monthly Income (annual salary divided by 12)
  • Monthly gross income
  • Multiply by 28%
  • Allowable monthly housing costs
  • Home purchase price
  • Down payment
  • Mortgage loan amount
  • 30-year loan/8% Interest – monthly payment (PI)
  • Taxes and insurance
  • Total monthly housing costs
  • Monthly gross Income
  • Multiply by 36%
  • Allowable total monthly Debt
  • Other monthly debts
  • Car payment
  • Credit cards
  • Total monthly other Debts
  • Total monthly housing costs
  • Total other monthly debts
  • Total monthly costs
  • Crunching the Numbers

That Wasn't So Bad....Was It?

Just plug in your own numbers. It is time for some number crunching. How much do you qualify for?

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