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Real estate
Land including the air above and the earth below plus any permanent improvements affecting the utility of the land. Property that is not personal property.

Think & Do Reminders

Pros & Cons of Neighborhoods�the Matrix

Make a matrix to itemize your own feelings about each neighborhood you check out. You can narrow down your list of prospective new neighborhoods by creating a matrix that rates each home and neighborhood according to the six factors we�ve reviewed. While you won't always find the perfect home in the perfect neighborhood that satisfies every preference on your list, you can through a process of elimination find a home in a neighborhood that meets most of your criteria. This matrix offers a quick, objective scoring system for ranking and comparing the homes you visit. Rate each home on a scale of 1 to 5 in each category, with five the most favorable score, then total the scores for each choice.

Commute Facilities Schools Crime Taxes Nuisances Total Score

Home 1

Home 2

Home 3


POP QUIZ - Pros & Cons of Neighborhoods

List 3 reasons you should carefully check each neighborhood before you buy


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