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Your Needs List Ranks

The whole purpose of creating a home improvement "Wishes, Wants & Needs" list is to guide your efforts. The "needs" always comes first, no matter what. Be sure to have a family pow-wow to make sure this list is complete and accurate before contacting the Contractor.

Get Ready for Remodeling

You just moved in and may still have boxes decorating your floor. Stop unpacking! If you want to do some remodeling, this may be the best time. Remember that replacing any flooring requires moving EVERYTHING out of the room! This is always easier before you get settled than after. Give some thought to the convenience factor of your remodeling projects. And plan for the least amount of trouble. Talk to your remodeler about doing the project with the least amount of fuss and muss. This may mean you group the project a little differently than you would have thought, but if it diminishes the grief it may be worth it.


A common-use term meaning "comparable properties". Comparables are properties similar to property under consideration; they have reasonably the same size, location, and amenities and have recently been sold. Comparables help the appraiser determine the approximate fair market value of the subject property.


Multiple Choice

  1. The average homeowner tends to remodel within ____ months.
    1. 12
    2. 10
    3. 18
    4. 24
  2. If I plan on staying in my home for more than ____ years, I should go ahead and spend what I want to make the home perfect for me and my family.
    1. 5
    2. 10
    3. 7
    4. 2
  3. If I plan on moving, I should check ____ for ideas on Budgeting my remodeling project.
    1. real estate comps
    2. list prices
    3. the library
    4. home improvement magazines

Developing a Realistic Budget...



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