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Consumer Protection Tip

Leverage Your Lender�s Needs to YOUR Advantage

Most homeowners borrow the money they need for major home improvements. It�ll be a VERY smart move on your part to view your lender as a potential partner in the consumer protection arena. You can motivate them to pay for YOUR consumer protection.

Think about it this way: If you accidentally hired a "problem Contractor" it wouldn�t be only YOU who�d lose money. The lender would lose, too. You can use that fact to your advantage. The cool part is this: the consumer protection services won�t cost YOU a dime. Ask your lender to cover the cost of these services.

What�s Available?

  1. There are two low-cost and readily-available pro-consumer services that reputable home improvement lenders are happy to pay for. Both services can:
    1. simplify your life and Contractor hiring responsibilities;
    2. relax your lender, and,
    3. provide stress-relief for YOU about the company you�re hoping to hire.
Contractor Reference Check
reviews the Credit history & performance reputation of a contractor
Contract Advocacy Review
screens for red flags, missing or unclear information and suggests ways payment schedules and Contract language could be improved to protect consumer-lender Interests.

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