How to Select Carpet

How to Select Carpet

Carpeting...The Key Element

Nothing makes a stronger statement in a home than the flooring.

What You'll learn in this course:

Selecting the Right Carpeting
Color, Texture, Construction
What About Padding?
Performance Ratings
Installation, Measurement and More
Pitfalls to Avoid
Pop Quiz

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Making the Best Choice
Among many choices.

Today's world of carpeting offers an array of choices in material, look, texture and rating. What's the best choice for your home? How do you even begin? This mini course on carpet selecting offers some advice about selecting the proper carpet for your home, a look at various types of carpeting (how they are put together) and what to look for in padding. We will even help you determine how much to buy and explore the world of the carpet performance rating system so you know ahead of time what's what.

Let's Begin with Selecting

You have to think about a lot more than just color!

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