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Our Mission

The American Homeowners Association (AHA) is a national consumer alliance membership organization that is for homeowners what the AAA is for automobile owners. AHA helps homeowners and aspiring homeowners stretch a limited budget to achieve a greater quality of life. Formed in 1994, AHA's more than 35 services and benefits help members save money on their purchases, financial services, property taxes and other significant lifestyle expenses.

The Mission of the American Homeowners Association (AHA) is to deliver a membership service to homeowners and aspiring homeowners that expands their purchasing power, provides reliable resources in case of a household or home repair emergency, helps them make more informed decisions, and represents their key interests in both the public and private sectors.

In fulfilling this mission, on an ongoing basis, we:

Negotiate  Vital benefits and services that improve AHA members quality of life and long term financial security.

Reduce  The ongoing costs of owning, maintaining and improving a home, thereby increasing the home ownership opportunity for more Americans.

Educate  Homeowners and renters so they can more easily make informed choices.

Advocate  For greater clarity, disclosure, choices and efficiencies in mortgages and other financial services.

Screen  Product and service providers by awarding the AHA Approved Product Seal.

Represent  The key interests and needs of homeowners to government leaders.

Protect  Our members from unqualified or unethical contractors and service providers.

Broadcast  Useful home-related data to the public and press in convenient, useable formats.

Richard J. Roll - Founder and President
Richard J. Roll is a nationally recognized authority on home ownership issues and a widely respected expert on consumer personal financial services. More . . .

AHA Approved Product Seal

Today's homeowners are faced with many different and complex decisions on a daily basis. Their time is limited by the demands placed on their professional and home schedules. AHA's Approved Product Seal helps homeowners quickly and confidently sort through the maze of consumer offerings and find a pre-screened solution at a fair price.

When purchasing services or products, a homeowner is challenged to make a good decision based on many factors. Price, quality, warranty, delivery, options, servicing and reputation all weigh heavily in this a process. Often the first hurdle of homeowners is to obtain reliable information; then, there are the incredible numbers of options presented by competing manufacturers and retailers that vary widely in quality, training, professionalism and integrity.

Often the most perplexing task of being a consumer is understanding all the decision factors and ramifications of a major purchase, and what are the provider's responsibilities. As time-pressured, information-overloaded consumers, we can easily be deceived to enter into contracts or warranties we don't have the time or expertise to understand. AHA's Approved Product Seal provides peace of mind to AHA members, because it is awarded only to significant home-related products and services that have been screened using five parameters:

  1. Quality    Superior quality and suitability for the intended purposes
  2. Value    Compared to other available products and services.
  3. Discounts    Savings through special arrangements for AHA Members.
  4. Convenience    Well-designed, safe, and user-friendly.
  5. Satisfaction    Provider guarantees satisfaction with specific remedies for problems.

Any AHA member purchasing a product or service with the AHA Approved Product Seal knows that it has been pre-screened, that special, more favorable terms have been arranged for AHA members and that the providers fully guarantee each member's satisfaction by standing behind their products. Along with the five parameters used to evaluate products, AHA works with manufacturers and retailers to help educate homeowners. Companies that have earned the AHA Approved Product Seal become part of the network of home-related AHA Approved Product Providers ensuring that AHA members are more informed and satisfied consumers.

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