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Get the Kit. Cut Your Property Taxes!

Are your property taxes too high? Higher than you expected? When you compared with your neighbors, was your property tax bill higher than theirs?

Now, this comprehensive easy to follow Kit from the American Homeowners Association (AHA)® will help you determine if you should appeal your property tax bill.

AHA's Homeowners Property Tax Reduction Kit is an all in one, step-by-step guide designed to educate homeowners as to their rights as property owners.

Records show an error rate of 40% exists in estimating property taxes. - Consumer Reports

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The 86-page manual explains the assessment process, the most common assessor errors, and the methods any homeowner can use to obtain a successful reduction in real estate taxes. Your rights to appeal an unfair or erroneous tax assessment are discussed along with all the successful methods of presenting your case to local assessors and review boards – without the high cost of legal representation.

With The Kit You'll Also Get:
Easy-to-use Forms to tell you how much you should be paying and how to present your appeal successfully to your local tax board.
State-by-State Directory with helpful links to every state's local tax laws, exemptions, and procedures.

Download your Kit now for a one-time price of $29.95 or get it for FREE with a 30-day, no further obligation, trial American Homeowners Association (AHA)® membership. If you are an existing AHA member, you can download it for free as part of your full membership benefits.

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