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Curb Appeal

First impressions do count.

Any Realtor Will Tell You:
The outside of your home is critical.

The most important thing sellers can do to improve the worth of their home...and the quick sale of their to spruce up the outside. No one wants to look at a home with grass up to their elbows and weeds sticking out of every crevice. The appearance of a home while it�s on the market makes a difference.

The Exterior

Take a good, hard look at yours.

The areas of concern will be the condition of the roof and exterior materials. Not only does this affect the look of your home, but the value too. You want to be sure to fix the broken shutters, mend the ripped screens and fill in the holes in your landscaping. Even simply changing the siding of your home can raise the value of your home and nearly pay for the siding job itself.

New Expectations

No one wants a �handyman�s special� anymore. The days of leaving your �fixer-upper� to the next buyer are over. Most buyers, even first-time buyers, want a sound home that needs nothing more than some cosmetic work...and even that has to be minor for most.

The Other Big Payoffs

Beyond curb appeal, what else sells the home and adds value?

The Best Bets

While the game of guessing what remodeling projects will pay off in the end is not scientific, it can be fairly predictable.

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