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The Kitchen Remodel

The absolute favorite remodeling project and biggest return.

Major or Minor Remodel...
It doesn�t seem to matter.

People love kitchens. They top the list of favorite place in the home to remodel and the biggest return on your financial investment. Whether you choose to make the remodel big or small doesn�t seem to matter. What does matter is the function and appeal of the newly remodeled room.

Keep It Simple...
If you are remodeling for resale.

The clean, sleek kitchens are always appealing to new buyers. Forego the purple countertops if you are planning to sell and stick with white or natural wood cabinetry. The neutrals in hard surfaces is always a good rule if you want an easy sell. Use the surfaces, such as counters, cabinets and flooring, as a backdrop for fun accent colors you toss in with dish towels, vases, and other removable items.

What Sells
It�s a fairly easy list...

Kitchens and baths sell a home...along with natural light. These are the essentials to selling your home. In the kitchen, buyers want: Clean lines (not to mention clean everything) Energy-efficient appliances Good colors (remember those awful color schemes from the 70s? Enough said.)

Many buyers also look for:

  • Room for two cooks�i.e. two sinks, separate range and oven, etc.

  • Accessible and ample storage

  • Open kitchens that accommodate lots of friends and family

Cooking May Be a Favorite Pastime

But everyone needs a bathroom...

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