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The Bath Remodel

Always a necessity.

Dated Baths Turn Buyers Away

No one likes to picture themselves bathing in a rundown tub. It�s true that a worn bath can mean fewer offers. Even though most people remodel within 18 months from date of purchase, most don�t want to wait that long for a clean, usable bath. True, bath remodels are among the top two remodeling projects around....but wouldn�t you rather remodel the bath for comfort than for function?

The Key

There are actually two... The key to selling the home is to make sure the baths are clean and functional. High-style can come later. The truth is that if the buyer thinks he will have to remodel the bath, that cost will be deducted from the original offer.

Keeping Your Head...
So to speak!

You can make budget fix-ups to your existing bath that can make a world of difference. Look at replacing old or worn fixtures with new ones. If you choose carefully, you can select modestly priced fixtures that don�t read as �cheap.� Be sure to add in at least one rich-looking touch to raise the level of the look. Keep your style minimalist and easily changed.

Remember to keep the hard surface areas in nuetrals that can be accented with a variety of colors and textures.

Be Safety Conscious

Adding little touches can make a difference. Add in anti-scald devices in your shower. This one touch could save a child or elderly person from burns. It could also show that your bath addresses a modern concern. Be Surface Conscious

Beauty is only skin deep...

The look of your bath is key to a sell. Focus on sprucing up the surfaces and making your bathrooms look fresh and clean and new. Buyers will associate this with cleanliness which is critical in a bath!

One Bath Is Not Enough...

What to do if you only have one.

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