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Adding a Bath

You can find the space.

One Is Not Enough for Most Families

Or for couples looking to start a family or have guests often. There is nothing that strains relations as much as having to share a bath. Now imagine having to share one with the entire family and occasional (or not so occasional) guests...not a pretty sight. That is why adding a bath if you only have one is a top priority when looking at quick sales and remodeling returns.

The First Problem

Real estate agents will be quick to point out a single bath to prospective buyers. One bath is no longer acceptable in today�s market. In fact, most real estate agents will be quick to point out locations where another bath could be squeezed in. Wouldn�t you rather they point out where one was just added? This will keep your sales price intact (in fact, it will raise it in most cases).

If a buyer has to plan on squeezing in another bath on their own, she is going to factor in the cost and inconvenience into her offer which means less money for you.

Adding Another
Look for plumbing!

The easiest place to add another bath is near existing plumbing. This will keep your costs down during the remodel. You may be able to steal space from a closet or put one on a floor above or below an existing bath. Since bathrooms cost the most per square foot of any remodeling project, be sure to talk to a professional before you begin. This could save you a fortune.

Adding a Bath Isn�t the Only Addition to Make

Everyone wants more seems we always exceed the space we have and are constantly on the prowl for more. That is one reason an addition tops our best returns list.

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