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Cost vs. Benefits of Feng Shui

There is a break-even point!

Some Remedies are Inexpensive
Some are not.

Remember that Feng Shui remedies are NOT to be slavishly followed or dictated until you blow your construction or remodeling budget. In fact, many are cheap. For example, moving a tree by a few feet so as not to block an entryway or window, or adding a mirror to a wall, or placing a bush to conceal a utility line or obstruction—those are simple and cheap measures.

The Decision...
It's Up to You.

When an existing home or architectural design plan violates Feng Shui principles, it's up to you to decide if the remedy is worth the cost. Do you look for a different home or architectural plan? For example, it's a Feng Shui no-no for a house to face west and north at the top of a hill, unprotected from the elements. But what if that house is perfect otherwise?

We're almost done!

Just remember to keep cost vs. benefit and common sense as your guiding principles for your Feng Shui plan.

Get the Job Done Right

Avoid Do-It-Yourself Feng Shui...

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