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How to Find Feng Shui Experts

Feng Shui...
Itís for the Experts

As you know now, Feng Shui is a serious art. Sure, you can check a book out of the library, but that won't make you an expert, especially if the book is inaccurate. Are you ready to trust your well being and home construction budget to a self-help book? You're better off paying a qualified Feng Shui expert to do a reading. Just make sure you're hiring the right one.

Check Them Out
Do a Background Check.

Ask your friends, associates or family for references. Call the local Better Business Bureau and ask if there is a complaint record on the practitioner. Look for another Feng Shui consultant if you find complaints! Once you feel comfortable with a suitable candidate, ask for a list of customer references. Speak to several former clients and find out if they're happy with the results.

Also, ask how long the practitioner has been practicing Feng Shui professionally. That's how to get a qualified Feng Shui reading from the RIGHT person.

Pitfalls to Avoid

Things to keep in mind...

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