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How to Buy Appliances

How to Save on Energy Bills

Remodeling Value

Woods and Islands in the Kitchen

All About Feng Shui

Ceiling Fan Facts and Fallacies

How to Select Carpet

Buy the Fireplace of the Future

How to Hire a Contractor

Get Wired with Smart Technology

Divide and Conquer

Secret Storage Spots

Redecorate Your Home on the Computer

You Can Decorate with the Stars

Are Your Cleaning Products Making Your Family Ill?


Pop Quiz

True or False:

1. The ideal time to use Feng Shui is when designing a new home, when shopping for an existing home, or remodeling and redecorating.
True False

2. The Feng Shui goal of creating harmony and balance has very practical benefits in home design and decoration.
True False

3. It's a good idea to live in a house at the end of a street.
True False

4. Doorways or entranceways should have a simple architectural design with a smooth texture.
True False

5. Lots that are oddly shaped and not rectangular or square can be problematic from a Feng Shui perspective.
True False

6. Mirrors can reflect energy or redirect negative energy.
True False

7. It's important to review the cost-benefits of Feng Shui remedies before making expensive modifications to a home or rejecting a home purchase.
True False

8. Avoid phony Feng Shui practitioners by screening yours thoroughly before hiring.
True False

9. Light is important to the energy in a home.
True False

10. Some Feng Shui remedies are not costly, such as landscape changes or adding a mirror to a wall.
True False

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