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Home Comparison Chart

Looking for a new house can be confusing. It is so easy to forget which house had which feature that it is absolutely essential you take notes.

Here is a quick way to keep your mind straight when visiting homes. First use your Wishes, Wants and Needs list as a checklist. Make sure you keep a brief description of each house with the address of the house. Next make note of some distinguishing feature that will immediately identify the home to you.

The only thing left is to compare and contrast.

The Chart

Home 1 Home 2 Home 3



Distinguishing Feature:

Key Elements:

# Bedrooms:

# Baths:

Other Rooms:




Other Notes:


asking price:

Complete the chart for each home you visit. When you are done for the day, review the chart and discuss which homes you may want to visit again. If you don�t find anything you want, plan another day out.

Act Quickly!



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