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Step 1 - Planning

Step 2 - Financing

Step 3 - Selecting

Step 4 - Buying

Step 5 - Owning


Act Quickly

Remember when you are comparing homes that some homes don�t stay on the market long. You must be prepared to act when the time is right. Don�t spend too much time deliberating or you may lose the home of your dreams.

Staying Practical

The checklist can help you stay practical in your search. If you have your needs list in front of you, it will be much more difficult to ignore the fact that a beautiful home doesn�t have half of what is on your list. It will help prevent you from being swayed by emotion.

Think & Do Reminders - Wishes, Wants & Needs

Pros & Cons of Making a List

List all the reasons it pays to plan ahead and chart features of the homes you visit.


  • Keeps you practical instead of emotional
  • Keeps you on track
  • Gives you a reference point to compare each house to
  • Backs up your memory


  • Takes time
  • Doesn�t allow you to fall in love with a home blindly

POP QUIZ - The Selection Process

List 3 factors that should go into selecting the proper home

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