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Woops! Dead-End-Dum?

In that Case�.Just Walk Away, Renee!

Up until the split-second the contract has been signed by both parties, either party has the right to walk away or let the deal fall apart. After signing, however, the costs and complexities of withdrawal expand exponentially.

If you have signed a contract and THEN decide something makes you no longer interested, turn immediately to an attorney. There may be a way to break the contract without penalty should things start to go sour. At the very least, your attorney should be able to handle any messy dealings with irate brokers or sellers. Don�t try to deal with a situation like that alone.


QUESTIONS: True or False

  1. An offer to purchase does not mean you are obligated to buy if negotiations go badly.
    True False
  2. Pre-closing inspections should be scheduled as close to the closing time as possible to ensure that the property is in the same condition as it was the last time you saw it.
    True False
  3. If there is a problem at the pre-closing inspection, it can be addressed at the closing if there are provisions for this in the contract.
    True False

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