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How to Avoid Moving Day Battle Fatigue

Now that you have signed your contract and are king of your own castle, you need to prepare for the big move. Here are just a few tips to keep in mind when making your moving plan:

Mobilize Your Troops in Advance

Here�s a quick Countdown Carnival to-do list to help get you through the war-zone of a major move. Don�t worry if you can�t do everything precisely in this timeline. Just use it as a guideline.

At 8-Weeks to Lift-Off

  • Call several movers for estimates or several self-move places to get an estimate�remember that on-site estimates are always more accurate.
  • Get references from prospective movers and call them.
  • Calculate the total costs for moving�there will be costs not covered by the mover�s estimates.
  • Choose a mover and discuss costs, packing, timing and insurance.
  • Create a "move" file where you put all moving-related information and receipts.
  • Look into IRS deductions for moving expenses.
It�s a good idea to create an area within your home to place items you are going to carry with you during the move and not send with the movers. Ideally, this area would be a walk-in closet or other small area that can be closed off during the actual move so nothing disappears accidentally. This is where you should put your "move" file and any other personal information or bills that may need to be paid during the move. Be sure to add stocks, wills and other important papers to this stash.

7 Weeks �.and Counting

  • Prepare an inventory of your personal items�include everything you own. Break it into three columns: to move yourself, for the mover, to leave behind. This will help keep things straight when you pack.
  • Weed through your belongings by hosting a garage sale or donating your unnecessary items to a charity. This will prevent you from having to pay to move items you no longer need. If you donate them, you can also take a deduction on your taxes.
  • Contact your insurance agent to transfer your fire, theft, auto and medical insurance to the new property address. Be sure to keep your insurance on your current residence through the move date.
  • Notify your children�s schools of the change in address or to transfer records to the new school.

6 Weeks �till �Wagons-Ho!�

  • Contact all associations, clubs and organizations you may be associated with to change your address and arrange to transfer any records you may need.
  • Start researching the new location�finding out where things are and how to get around. The best way to start is by purchasing a map and looking for easy access roads. If you are close enough, start driving around the new neighborhood and finding ways to get to favorite locations.
  • If you are traveling to a new location, make air and hotel reservations now to take advantage of lower rates.

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